Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Telling Our Stories, Finding Our Roots Story Telling Evening at Exeter Phoenix

Story Teller Sandhya Dave 
Hot on the heels of a fully booked spring performance at RAMMTelling Our Stories, Finding Our Roots, presents an evening of storytelling, inspired by new historical research into Exeter's multicultural history, on Wednesday 5 June at the  Exeter Phoenix  for the 2013 Exeter Ignite Theatre festivalRich story-telling, music and verse bring a new multi-cultural perspective to Exeter’s history in a special performance.
Expect an evening of traditional tales mixed with original stories of people from around the world, moving to, living in and affecting lives in Exeter. Hosted by story-teller Sandhya Dave and local historian Lucy MacKeithTelling Our Stories' volunteer team will present stories of Black GIs in St Thomas, Exeter's Jewish History, tales of slavery, abolition and more.
In this special performance for Exeter's Ignite Theatre Festival, the Telling Our Stories, Finding Our Roots collection of stories takes inspiration from new research uncovering Exeter's diverse past. Part of a year long Heritage Lottery Funded project, the 5 June event follows hot on the heels of a fully booked storytelling evening at the RAMM earlier this spring and will give insight into just a few of the human stories revealed in more than 20 different research inquiries and interviews with modern day Exeter residents from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. 
The stories will include pieces that bring new perspectives to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum's Collections and local stately homes. How did war time Exeter respond to a US Army presence that kept black and white GIs separated on the city's streets? Hear tales of Exeter's Jewish community in the Middle Ages and today. Discover how Exeter's residents were affected by slavery and abolition. What happened when Tennessee's Fisk Singers Jubilee Singers arrived in Victorian Exeter and more.
Telling Our Stories, Finding Our Roots, £6/£4at Exeter Phoenix on Wednesday 5 June at 7:30pm for more information visit

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