Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Exeter Big Screen at the Park 2013 listings announced!

The good folks at the Exeter Phoenix have really outdone themselves this year with the lineup for the 2013 Big Screen in the Park at Northernhay Gardens. One absolute classic, one total legend, a masterpiece and a visual feast? There will be much popcorn eating methinks.

If you've never been before, the way that it works is for 4 days every summer, they put a...big screen...in the park....and everyone comes along with a picnic and enjoys the show. It's brilliant. It used to be free but they sell tickets now at a reasonable £3 per film so that they can afford to do it again next year.  Shows start at 9pm and it's just lovely to cozy up with your sweetheart and a film as the sunsets.

Envelope please. And the nominees for best Devon hillside picture show are....

The Goonies on Weds 14 Aug

Poster by Brickhut

Skyfall on Thurs 15 Aug

Poster by Jack Woodhams

Life of Pi on Fri 16 Aug

Poster by Chungkong

The Great Gatsby on Sat 17 Aug

Poster by Tiffany Chen


  1. Sounds exciting. Fingers crossed for some good weather. I have seen 3 of the 4, but would say they are all worth a second viewing (can't speak for the Great Gatsby though).

  2. One of the best line ups they've had in a while. I've only seen the Goonies. I might end up there all week!