Thursday, 13 February 2014

Exeter's Most Romantic Destination?

photo: © Helen Lisk 2013 -4
I asked Exeter based portrait and wedding photographer, Helen Lisk to name the most romantic spot in the city. Her answer was resoundingly clear: Exeter Quayside. Helen has been doing beautiful wedding photography all over Exeter and Devon for years, so she certainly knows a thing or two about romance.

So what makes the Exeter Quayside such a romantic place?

I started a love affair with Exeter when I moved here ten years ago. We’ve always lived near to the Quayside, and I absolutely adore this area. Whereas there are endless beautiful places to enjoy near Exeter, from beaches, to moors, to the beautiful river valley and countryside, Exeter itself is just so lovely that we often don’t choose to go anywhere else. I love the openness of the river, the way that you can walk from the quay, along the river bank and feel like you are outside of the city in minutes. We love to hire a bike from Saddles & Paddles and explore the paths around the river and canal, head up to the Turf Locks for a pint of beer in the sunshine, watch the estuary in the late afternoon light. I love browsing through all the quirky little shops at the quay, or wandering across to The Welcome Café for coffee and cake in its lovely rooms. So it should come as no surprise that my idea of a romantic evening in Exeter would be based in this area.

When I first moved to Exeter with my lovely other half, Ian, we’d often go for a wander around the Quayside in the evening. So my ideal romantic evening would start here, with a walk along the riverside, the sun setting over the city, watching the swans nestling down for the night. I love to be reminded of what a beautiful place that we live in, and every time I walk around this area, I do just think how lucky we are to be here in Exeter. We would then have to head up the hill to the utterly wonderful Hour Glass Inn. Our first home in Exeter was just around the corner from this fantastic pub, and we have spent countless happy hours there over the years, tucked away at one of its little tables and sampling delicious local beers. For a special evening, I’d want to eat here as well, as the food is utterly delicious. Probably finishing with one of the lovely single malts on offer behind the bar and a quick game of Bananagrams on the pub table.

Photo: © Helen Lisk Photography 2013 -2
On our first New Year’s Eve in Exeter, we walked from the Hour Glass and shared a bottle of champagne with friends at midnight, standing on Colleton Crescent and watching all the fireworks going off over across the city. This would be the perfect end to my evening – maybe without the champagne and probably no fireworks in the sky this time, but to stand there, snuggle up with my husband and look at all the lights twinkling across lovely Exeter… perfect!

© Helen Lisk Photography 2013 -11
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