Sunday, 10 August 2014

Restaurant Review: Byron Brings it Proper

Byron Proper Burgers
Don't let the sleek lines and clean design fool you, Princesshay's newest restaurant, Byron: Proper Hamburgers, is definitely about the food, and they're not messing around.  You see, the guys behind Byron are into American burgers - like really into them - and they've done their research. They've drawn from some of the States' finest establishments and most indulgent bun based cheekiness to inspire a menu with a few across-the-pond nods that you won't see at most other British burger joints. Delivered with style and ease, Byron is a welcome addition to the city centre dinnersphere.

Me and my meat eating wing man hubby popped in for an indulgent lunch, taking advantage of the best summer since 2004, for a little al fresco dining. Our friendly server greeted and seated us, and we got down to business.

Byron in the sunshine
We kind of went for it, starting out with the Tortilla Chips which came with a lovely fresh tomato salsa and a guacamole that might just be the best in the city - no really - both chunky and fresh. For the mains, I had the Veggie Burger of Portobello mushroom, goats cheese and Mediterranean veg with an order of courgette fries, and a glass of cloudy lemonade. And my carnivorous comrade had the Smokey burger with a portion of skin on chips and a side of macaroni cheese all washed down with a Brew Dog pale ale.

Lunch for two at Byron
For little old vegetarian me, my veggie burger was as good as any I've had, but the courgette fries(!) are something I only seen in the states and Byron were in fact BETTER than what I've had there. They were crispy, crunchy, perfectly seasoned and really worth the visit on their own.  My lemonade was just like mom used to make and, for research purposes, I sneaked a taste of the mac n' cheese and can attest to it being as rich as any of Uncle Sam's offerings. Vegetarians & vegans can also try the avocado salad or mix up the veggie burger with additional/alternative sides like sliced avocado, crispy fried onions and jalepenos as well as a selection of cheeses and sauces. 

The summer special: The Smokey
My partner also had high praise for his Smokey burger, saying that it fully lived up to its name with the taste of well...smokiness, coming through every bite.  All that smoked cheddar, smokey barbecue sauce, crispy bacon and crispy onions perfectly complimented his medium rare Scottish beef patty and made for some very happy dining. His beer was a light, deliciously malty, day time pale ale called Dead Pony Club by Brew Dog, part of a collection of quality craft beers available for on site.

And for puds, I had the brownie and he had the cheesecake. My brownie was hot and deliciously gooey and topped with a scrumptious drizzle of chocolate sauce. My husband's white chocolate cheesecake was an entirely different affair. This chilled cheesecake on a biscuit base, was decadently rich and well accompanied by the blueberry sauce.  A perfect end end to proper lunch.

And the kitchen were so quick as well.
Inside it's like a film noir set. Love the backlit factory windows.

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  1. Hi. Just found your blog (I'm from Exeter but live in Brussels now and only come back to visit family once or twice a year). This place looks good and I'll definitely check it out when I'm back in October.