Thursday, 5 July 2012

I'm Talking Jive at the Exeter Corn Exchange

Jive at the Exeter Corn Exchange
It's Thursday night and that means there's something stirring at the Exeter Corn Exchange. Or more specifically something whirling and twirling. With an average of more than 150 dancers for every Thursday night session, Exeter's Modern Jive Classes might be the city’s worst kept secret.

I visited on a quiet Thursday and there were approximately 60 to 100 friendly folks going through the paces with the instructors. I’ve been to other ballroom dancing courses and the thing that sets this apart is that the emphasis is not on making sure that you’ve got perfect rumba hips or that you’re arms are at exactly the right angle, rather that you're having a good time. And I know that lots of people say that, but this lot actually mean it.

They’ve set if up so that it’s really easy to come along as a pair or as an individual without feeling awkward. Each beginner, intermediate or advanced section starts off with step by step instruction where everyone gets a go. And during the freestyle beginners can practice their moves with intermediates or more advanced dancers who are generally happy to help.
Exeter Jive is run by Nelson and Karen Rose of Floorplay
The music was great with lots of modern pop like Rihanna and Beyonce and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. And you can go at your own pace – as long as your in time.  I’ve got a few friends who’ve gotten really into Jive of late mostly because it’s a great source of exercise as well as being a really good way to meet people.

So if it’s Thursday night and you’re looking for something to do. You’re not a big drinker and you don’t fancy being out too late, but you’d like to meet some new people and maybe try something new, pop along and shake a leg.

Floorplay's Exeter Modern Jive at the Exeter Corn Exchange on Thursday's from 7:30pm. £6

Weekly Jive Dancing Classes at Exeter Corn Exchange

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