Monday, 16 July 2012

Sun Shines on Articulture Opening at Gallery 36

Gallery 36's Articulture revellers
I was lucky enough to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the opening of Articulture, the latest exhibition at Veronica Gosling's Gallery 36. From now until July 29th, 10 artists will take over the St Leonard's art space with pieces full of whimsy, colour and beauty.

View from Polly's Cafe
Visiting Gallery 36 is always a treat, but Sunday was particularly delightful because the whole place was a buzz with artists on hand, picnicking in the garden, music in the lounge and the sun in the sky.   The Articulture exhibition features ten artists with ceramics, woodwork, paintings and sculpture plus 3 large colourful market stalls in Exeter's most inspired sculpture garden.
Ardyn Griffin's papier mache looking glass
In the house visitors enjoy papier mache phantasies by Ardyn Griffin, stained glass panels by master glass painter Deborah Lowe, small sculptures by Belgian artist Norah Claeys, paintings by ex international football referee, Gordon Hill, assemblages, drawings etc. etc. and many ‘During the Night’ prints by resident artist Veronica Gosling continue the diversity and interest of this show.
Paul McCullough haunting surrealism
In the garden, woodworker Julian Duckham’s toys, tables music stands and easels, Isabel Merrick’s, decorative and useful ceramics, Paul McCullough’s surreal paintings, Victoria Hooper’s cards and paintings and Polly Dolby’s, luminous, decorative paintings.

The  gallery is such an important space of creativity and community in Exeter.  Veronica has opened her home to artists and the appreciative for many years, serving as a kind of rare beacon of inspiration and artistic generosity. Like the Watts Towers in California, Gallery 36 is a private space with wide reaching public legacy. And is easily one of the best places in Exeter.

If you've weren't able to visit for the opening of the exhibition, you can visit on any day except Mondays until 29 July and you can catch the next open day on 22 July with Chill Acoustic.

Art garden at Gallery 36

Sculpture in the garden in Gallery 36

Reflection sculpture in the garden at Gallery 36

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