Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Ruby's Tuesday

There's a new burger spot in town and her name is Ruby.

Perched on the corner of Queen Street and Northernhay Place, Ruby's diner is a trendy update on the American style diners that we've see before. Simple design, Wagamama seating and a non traditional ordering system give it all the hallmarks of a successful 21st century eatery.   

On my Tuesday evening visit, the place was crawling with 18-34 year olds who, dressed in the latest high street casuals, are clearly the target market. They chatter away as fresh faced waiters served them in high back booths while mood music plays in the background. 

I ordered my food at the 'Self Service' counter and then waited for my food to arrive at the pass. When my name was called I went to meet the chef who'd prepared my 'falloumi' burger and onion rings. Everyone friendly and helpful.

And what of the food? Well I'm a bit of a lettuce munching vegetarian, so I had the one of their veggie burgers...specifically the falafel burger with halloumi cheese. My burger was big and tasty with avocado, salad and drip down your hand burger sauce. My red onion rings were a fresh update on traditional and clearly al la carte. This and a soft drink came to about £10 making it great value as well. 

With a location near the college and their marketing savvy, they should do well enough to put in a few more chairs!

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