Sunday, 10 February 2013

What's next for the Jessop's spot on Exeter's High Street?


It's been a month now since Jessops camera shops closed around the UK leaving more than a thousand people without work and at least a dozen people without anywhere to get their film developed.

Exeter's branch was based opposite its Snappy Snaps competitor off South Street before moving to the High Street proper with a new frontage and hope for the future. A few years on and they became the first retail casualty of 2013. And I can't say I'm entirely surprised. Between Amazon, the Internet and Smartphones, it was just a matter of time, 11 January 2013 to be precise.

So what's going to open up there next? We have plenty of mobile phone shops. The narrow space is too small for a clothing store; remember Musto tried and failed. It would need to be something with a high turnover or a high retail price order to make the margins work. I'm hoping it might be something like Montezuma Chocolate, which would work well near Starbucks, a Build a Bear and a bus stop, as well a providing a stop off point between Hotel Chocolat and Thornton's. Time will tell.

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