Saturday, 14 December 2013

Secrets of Exeter Beauty: Arbonne Product Review

Exeter Arbonne Independent Consultant Emma Tellesy
Exeter Arbonne beauty representative Emma Tellesy is confident, friendly, fabulous, intelligent and all round awesome. Not only is she a young mum and entrepreneur but she's also a pilot. That's right, 'ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking'....a pilot! And when a thoroughly modern woman invites you to try out something that she thinks the world of, you kind of have to give it a go.

So for the last week I've been moisturising like a boss with a beauty regime that has been truly lovely. Using the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anit-Aging Set, I've been treating myself to a 5 step mini facial every morning and evening. There's a cleanser, toner, intensive renewal serum, eye cream, as well as a day and night cream. Now that might sound like a lot of steps - it did to me when I first got the pack - but by the end of the week I could do the whole routine in about 4 mins. And I found that because I knew I had to do it, I would get up just a little bit earlier and so actually had more rather than less time in the morning.

And how was it? Well to start with the bottles are all really pretty, which is a little thing but makes you feel glam even before you begin. The face wash is light and gentle, but effective. Even after a night of gigging with my band in heavy makeup, I got a clear wash without any irritation. Aiming the spray-on toner took a bit of getting used to but I've used toners before and the upshot of this was that I didn't have to worry about finding cotton buds to apply it. The intensive renewal serum was small but gave good even coverage.The eye cream was the bit I was most impressed with because even with just a week of use, I definitely noticed a reduction in dark areas that, I must admit, I normally have under my eyes. And both the night and day creams helped me to keep a supple exterior throughout the week. Truly a treat.

Add to this the fact the RE9 is part of a suite of products Arbonne products which are totally ethically sound - vegan approved for being free from animal testing and products, contain no petrolchemicals, use natural ingredients, and have a thorough environmental policy - and you've got a serious skin care contender.

After a only a week, I'm not sure if I'm flying as high as high as Emma, but I'm feeling well on my way!

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