Friday, 10 January 2014

Raise your glass to the 25th Annual Exeter Festival of Winter Ales!

Pint of the local please!
Exeter's local CAMRA will be celebrating quarter century of awesomeness today when they open the doors to the 25th Exeter & East Devon Festival of Winter Ales at St James Park today. If you're wondering whether they're serious about it, we're talking 66 delicious winter ales, 12 refreshing real ciders, and Ginger Ale for good measure.

I went last year and the year before, and was delighted on both occasions. There is great representation from local breweries like the Otter, ExeterExe Valley and Driftwood breweries, as well as some northerners from Somerset and beyond.

If you go along, expect a casual, friendly atmosphere and a lot of very merry people. They open at 11 on Friday and Saturday. Last year they had 1800 visitors and in the past they've sold out(!) so grab a glass and get down there if you can.

Couple jars from last year's Festival


  1. I went this year and I would heartily recommend it. Everyone was friendly, there was a decent number of people there and, most importantly, the beer was very good.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) It was a great event, even the vikings had a good time!