Friday, 4 March 2016

Boston's Breakfast Cure

I am not gonna lie. I was really excited to try Boston Tea Party’s new healthy menu. This is my kind of grub. Whole foods, fresh fruit, seeds, spices? Check, check and check. Not to say that BTP were a greasy spoon before. Far from it, their fresh squeezed orange juice has brought me back from the brink many many times and they have a long standing commitment to real, good quality, ingredients that is no joke. The new menu adds four new dishes to the mix and on recent trip, we got to sample three of them.

As a porridge loving vegan mama, the star of the show for me was the brown rice porridge. The in-house menu explains that it is vegan and comes with mango and blueberries but what is doesn't tell you is that it is made with coconut milk (YAAASSSS!) and covered in cinnamon. So along with having a decadent yet subtle refined sugar free sweetness, this little bowl of goodness is hitting out of the park with healthy fats, circulation boosting spice, high fibre, slow release carbs, loads antioxidants and a proper dose of mango flavoured vitamin C. And did I mention that it was well lush? Because it was. My toddler absolutely loved it as well, and it with nutritional stats like that, he can have as much, of his own, as he likes. We will meet again little bowl. Mark my words. We will meet again.

I also had the opportunity to try the granola, or as I started calling it, the lovely crunchy, toasty, cinnamony, bowl of spelty nom noms!  It was soooo toasty. As in, I think the cinnamon was toasted as well, so that it has that extra bit of zing? And all of the little pumpkin seeds were just ready to pop out of their skins. While the incredibly nutritious chia seeds worked their magic amongst all of the nutty spelt flakes and the cinnamon dust. Top it off with fresh blueberries and raspberries, or even Greek yoghurt, and you've got yourself a party. 

My partner had the enviable task of reviewing the smoked salmon with cream cheese on rye. In his opinion, this classic combination of salmon and cream cheese was made heartier with the rye bread and the nutrient rich chia seeds added and extra element of texture. With cream cheese as an ingredient, this dish is probably the most calorific of the bunch but all the protein of the whole grain, smoked fish and super seeds, should make a perfect post work out treat!

This menu is one that doesn't disappoint on flavour and at under a fiver a bowl, they are making sure that the superfoods don't come at super prices. On this trip we didn't get to the dukkah, but I'm sure we'll be back again. Watch this space!

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  1. Sounds like some fab new dishes. I'll be popping my head in there for sure! Thanks for sharing :) x