Friday, 15 July 2016

That Time I Ran Away to the Circus: Paulo Circus at Darts Farm, Exeter

There is something special about a circus. Big tent. Bright lights. Rocking up to a field near you. Literally bringing magic to the masses. The Paulos Circus is at Exeter's Darts Farm until 24 July. They come every year and this time, I was there for opening night!

Some serious hula hooping!
One of the oldest circus families in the UK, 2016 marks 200 years and six generations of The Paulo family in entertainment. Animal free and family friendly, the show lasts just over and an hour but will make a lasting impression. My little one absolutely loved it and didn't want to leave! There was magic, acrobatics, and some truly remarkable hula hooping! My boy was raving about a certain bit of percussive juggling, an act I had never seen before, all the way home. BUT my favourite by far was the high wire work - like, there's a reason why it's a classic.

Paulos Circus man on wire!
In the tradition of performers from the as far back as the Renaissance, stretching into the birth of 'circus' in the 18th century London and through the modern age, displays of extraordinary human skill are presented to amuse and inspire. During World War II, Paulo Circus shows boosted morale. And as recently as April 2016, The Paulos Circus presented a free show for more than 350 Yorkshire Boxing Day flood victims, earning them a nomination for the York & District Medal. Circus spokesman Kenny Darnell said: "We just wanted to give a little happiness to people who had suffered during the flooding."

We enjoyed the adventure of it, the magic and heading to the source of a tradition that continues to captivate.


  1. Best Circus I've ever seen, well worth the visit The Clown is amazing hula hoops the best I've seen just to rate first class every one of them.. I'llbe going again and again while they're in Newquay

  2. Thanks for you comment Mel. I thought they were really good as well. I've been Absinthe in Las Vegas and while I thought that was fantastic, it was essentially circus in disguise. I liked that it wasn't pretending to be anything else!