Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Film Review: Prometheus


I have been thoroughly excited about the release of Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus in the UK for sometime now. Lase week I dragged my husband and in-laws to to the cinema to feast my eyes on this 3D beast.

So, how was it? Beautiful, well made, and very open ended. Hmm. Is that good or bad?

Well, I remember leaving the cinema thinking that it wasn't quite what I was expecting. My husband asked me what exactly was I expecting, and I couldn't quite answer. But it's been a week now and the film has been rattling around in my head for all this time. So there must be something to say for that.

I've heard a few people give similar reviews - that it didn't quite live up to the hype or was a little bit flat, but I think that people who left the theatre with a ho-hum feeling, like I did, might have been expecting something more along the lines of the definitive, philosophically driven, sci-fi that has come to light since The Matrix. Films like I Robot, Minority Report, Avatar, District 9 and even Disney Pixar's WALL-E, all come heavily laden with thinly veiled political agendas that Michael Moore would be proud. By the end of these films, you feel that the director has told you something and that you job has been to absorb this message.

But Ridley Scott is old school. His last sci-fi film was Blade Runner and the reason why that's one of the best sci fi films of all time isn't because he gives you all of the answers, but because it's a good film. The acting is stellar. The cinematography is beautiful. The the story is timeless. And you want to watch it again because you're confident that you'll get something new from that second or third viewing. I believe that to be the case with Prometheus.

[Spoiler Alert!]

I can't stop wondering, what exactly are the android's motivations? Or what the hieroglyphics were supposed to mean? What exactly is that black stuff? Are there more makers on the planet? Within the film, what exactly is there relationship to us? What was going on in the beginning with the bowl?

I like films that make me think. I like films that spark interesting discussions. I like films that make me want to watch them again, not for the one liners, for the experience and the opportunity to dissect it's nuances.

So how is Prometheus? It's beautifully done with gorgeous cinematography. The acting is superb throughout. And like a proper film, the the story leave much to the imagination.

See it this week in Exeter, as it's still the best thing out, at The Odeon, Vue Cinema, or The Picturehouse.

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