Thursday, 14 June 2012

Will Devon Diva Joss Stone return to Mama Stones to promote her new Charity Single?

Joss Stone DAve Stewart Mama Stone 2 300x200 This Is Devon: Joss Stone And Dave Stewart Try New Songs In Surprise Gig

Devon born soul diva and part owner of Exeter's Mama Stone's music venue, Joss Stone has teamed up with long time producer and musical partner Dave Stewart, of the Eurythmics, to create a charity single in aid of Amnesty International's Campaign For an Effective Arms Trade Treaty.  The new version of her single, Take Good Care, will be released on iTunes from 05 July with proceeds going to Amensty International.  But the real question is: will she and Dave be making a return visit to Mama Stones to promote the new charity single? The duo made a surprise appearance in October 2011, but we reckon it's time for them to come back, you know, for charity.

Take Good Care was orginally released as part of her LP1 album back in 2011, but the song has been revived because of it's haunting lyrics about the consequences of armed conflict. According to Amnesty Magazine's recent interview with Dave Stewart, the song was inspired by true events. Stewart told Camilla Kinchin:
One day I phoned Joss and asked her to come and record in Nashville. She was with [war photographer Paul Conroy] at the time and asked him about a song he had been singing. He sang it to her and told her the story about a war photographer he knew who got shot in the head, and Joss started crying. She took a recording of it and when we were in Nashville, I said 'We've got to record this'. Amnesty suggested that it would be good to use in the ATT campaign.
In February this year, Joss Stone and Stewart came out to publicly support the Amnesty campaign to create an effective arms trade treaty.  Joss explained why she supports the cause in a statement from Amesty:
We’ve seen how weapons in the wrong hands can have utterly devastating consequences. Not just for the victims themselves, but also for their community.  That’s why I fully support Amnesty International’s call upon world leaders to deliver upon a robust and effective Arms Trade Treaty, with human rights at its core.
Joss's partnership with Dave Stewart has bore beautiful fruits in time that they've been working together and it's nice to seem them put these efforts towards a cause like Amensty.

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